Web Design

I create tailored websites to meet the individual needs of every client.

Every project is tailored to ensure you get the functionality your business needs to stay ahead.


Responsive Design

Having a website that is highly functional across all devices and screen sizes is crucial for any business. I develop websites that detect the visitor's device and adjusts accordingly.

SEO Optimisation

All websites developed are created with a strong focus on Search Engine Optimisation.
That way your business can thrive online and be discovered organically.


Incorporating a Content Management System while developing the site allows you as the client to make changes directly to the live website in a matter of seconds, and the best thing is that is done with absolutely no coding necessary.

User Experience

An important part of the development of a website is users friendliness and experience. I build websites with the right content structures to achieve a smooth and cohesive experience for the visitors.


Want to reach your desired target audience?
My focus is to develop online advertising campaigns to create awareness, drive engagement, get qualified leads and to find new customers for your business. My mission is to create efficient, lasting solutions that grow brands and identifies your exact target market with engaging content that brings value to your online audience across social channels.

Lead Generation

Need new customers? Get started today with a tailored lead generation campaign to attract and convert prospects into new potential customers that will make your business thrive.


Looking to provide greater customer satisfaction? Time is essential for every business and implementing a chatbot would allow you to automate most of your customer inquiries and respond to you customers faster. Faster = happy customer and time saved!

Email Marketing

Increase your ROI with email marketing! This marketing strategy is essential for building relationships with prospects, leads and current costumers. Did I mention it's one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business? I create automated email campaigns for you so you can focus on the most important thing, running your business. Not only do I create the email sequences, but the email list acquired will be your asset to keep and reuse for years to come. 


Take action today and get your business noticed.


Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with some top creative individuals that make it possible to help brands tell their stories with digital content that engages, educates and activates audiences.

Online videos speak to the customer more powerfully when they tell a story. Being able to connect with your customer on an emotional level, creating engaging content that ultimately entertains, is key to earning your customers trust and attention.

Will you be our next client? 

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Hi, my name is Alessandra!

Thank you for visiting my website and for wanting to get to know me better.

I am a digitalpreneur with a Master's degree in Digital Marketing and I help businesses around the world improve their overall performance and grow their business through digital marketing services, web design and visual content that connects with their audience.

I addition to the marketing business I also own a e-commerce brand.  Growing a brand from the very start has been challenging but also very rewarding. When conducting business in an environment that changes daily you have to adapt and sharpen your skills continuously. Doing so has helped me provide my marketing clients with improved and already tested techniques to have them excel in their marketing efforts.

Why work with me?  

I have a deep passion for this industry and I love helping businesses grow! The industry is moving fast and there are always new techniques to learn and new strategies to develop. I can assure you that if you want someone with real drive, as well as someone who stays on top of the game, we would be the perfect fit.

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